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7 Tips for a Smooth Move into Your First Home

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Congratulations! Moving into your first home is a major accomplishment, one worth celebrating with friends and family. But wait! Before planning that housewarming party, take care of these essentials for a smooth transition. We developed a list of 7 tips to make sure your home is welcoming, safe and properly […] Read more »

10 Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

No matter the circumstances, if you’re not properly prepared, moving on a time crunch can be a ridiculously stressful experience. By hiring Busy Bee Movers, you’ll have one of the hardest parts handles in physically moving things from place to place. Aside from that, how can you get everything packed […] Read more »

Tips for Moving During Bad Weather

In a perfect world, every moving day would be dry, warm and sunny. But unfortunately, sometimes you have to move in wintry or wet conditions, and unpredictable Indiana weather can put a serious damper on events of the day. If you’re planning to move this winter or during inclement weather, […] Read more »

Staging Your Home for a Faster Sale

Homeowners often experience an uncomfortable limbo when moving from their existing home to a new one: paying two mortgages until the former home sells. To spur a faster sale, real estate agents may recommend staging – a mostly aesthetic overhaul that may help buyers visualize themselves living in your home. […] Read more »

Your Guide To Moving Heavy Objects

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a big house or a small apartment. Unless you’re a minimalist, accustomed to the zen-like experience of sleeping on a roll-up mat and staying entertained with endless hours of staring at your single piece of wall art, you’ll have some heavy objects to […] Read more »

A Checklist for Moving Tools

So you are moving your stuff from one place to another.  Easy right? Maybe. Or perhaps on move-in day, you forgot boxes. Now you are up at 11 PM trying to find 30 boxes because your landlord needs you out by tomorrow. What seems like a very simple task can […] Read more »

How to Get Organized Before Moving

Moving to a new home is one of those positive life events that also have their downsides. In this case, before you go anywhere, you’re faced with the task of sifting through all that stuff that’s been accumulating over time. Clearing out closets and seeing what relics are stashed in […] Read more »

Moving Terminology

Moving Terminology

Accessorial (Additional) Services – services such as packing, unpacking, or shuttle service that you request to be performed (or are necessary because of landlord requirements or other special circumstances). Charges for these services are in addition to the transportation charges. Advanced Charges – charges for services not performed by the […] Read more »

Other Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints for Your Indianapolis Move Looking for some advice on your next move? Here are some helpful tips and suggestions that can make your move easier. Deal with less hassle and move better with help from Busy Bee. Air Conditioners For your particular model, find your authorized dealer or […] Read more »

Who Should You Contact?

Who to Contact When Moving After selecting your move date, you’ll need to let the people around you know you’re moving. Both to provide help and make sure no one has missed the boat on your new upcoming address, talk to these people for the smoothest possible transition into your […] Read more »