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7 Tips for a Smooth Move into Your First Home

Congratulations! Moving into your first home is a major accomplishment, one worth celebrating with friends and family. But wait! Before planning that housewarming party, take care of these essentials for a smooth transition.

We developed a list of 7 tips to make sure your home is welcoming, safe and properly equipped. Take a look:couple in front of sold home

  1. Conduct another comprehensive inspection. Whether you’re renting or owning, you should do an overall inspection to document any damaged areas, or, in the case of a new build, areas that haven’t been completed. Check for leaking pipes or any other problems. For an extra measure of insurance, have a home inspector check things out. Document and have these issues addressed.
  2. Identify the essentials. Where is the electrical panel? Main water shutoff valves? Water meters? HVAC? Smoke detectors? Identify important equipment and make sure it functions. Doing so will help you establish a maintenance list and schedule.
  3. Change the locks. Even if you feel fairly confident that the previous occupant handed you all the keys to your new home, it never hurts to install new locks. It’s possible that one of their relatives or friends has an extra set. You’ll rest more easy knowing that you’re the only one with access to your home.
  4. Install a security system. You have numerous options for a security system, including wireless, cameras and smart locks. Check out the latest in digital security systems to ensure your home is safe from intruders. This is an addition that can make you feel more at ease in your new home.
  5. Do a thorough cleaning. What better time to clean than before all your belongings have been unpacked? If you can afford to hire a professional cleaning service to clean and disinfect your new home, make the investment. You’ll feel great moving into a clean environment. If you can’t foot the bill, invite a few friends or relatives to help with the cleaning duties.
  6. Paint! Just like cleaning, painting is much easier when you haven’t already unpacked all your boxes and started arranging all your furnishings and belongings. It’s your new home–don’t be afraid to go with colors that you would love to live in.
  7. Establish a maintenance schedule. Life gets busy. Home maintenance tasks can be easily forgotten if you don’t set a maintenance schedule. The best time to develop a maintenance schedule is immediately, before life gets in the way. Schedule time to check the HVAC, clean gutters and perform other tasks.

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