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Map of Greenwood. Indiana. USA

Busy Bee: Helping Those in Need of Movers in Greenwood

You’ve finally found your dream home and have started looking for a moving company to help you relocate. There are so many companies to choose from. How are you supposed to choose one and know it will work out?

Go with a company you can trust. Busy Bee Movers has been serving Indianapolis and the surrounding area for over 25 years, offering top-notch moving services when called. Call Busy Bee at 317-245-6476 or fill out the form you can find on our site to get in touch. We can make the moving process easy for you.

Map of Greenwood. Indiana. USA

Greenwood, Indiana: The Southside’s Premier Destination

Greenwood, Indiana, is located less than 30 minutes south of downtown Indianapolis. Boasting of a friendly, authentic, and welcoming community, the up-and-coming city has nearly 60,000 residents. Located between Indiana State Road 37 and Interstate 65, Greenwood shares a border with Indianapolis, making it a premier destination for families and individuals looking to relocate.

Most of the residents are families, but young professionals are also gravitating towards the city of Greenwood. There is always something to do with a wide variety of places to dine, including homegrown breweries and cafes. The canal you can stroll on, the Indianapolis Zoo is only a short drive away, or you can spend your days on the lawn at White River State Park. Greenwood is known for its safe streets and appealing neighborhoods. Most of the houses have large yards. The overall cost of living is lower, and the commute to Indianapolis is short and doable. Greenwood also has several excellent schools.

The Services Busy Bee Offers

Busy Bee offers professional moving services at an affordable and competitive price. With local movers in 11 cities and surrounding areas across Indiana, we can offer a fully customized moving process to fit all your needs. The customer can choose precisely what moving services they want. If you wish to pack everything yourself and only need movers to transport the boxes, or you want to be completely hands-off, leaving everything to us, we can handle it. The following are some services we offer that you can run with or customize:

  • A moving plan that meets all of your particular needs.
  • Packing and unpacking.
  • Supplying all the packing materials, including boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and anything else. 
  • Loading and unloading of the moving truck.
  • Arrangements with storage facilities, both long-term and short-term. 
  • Heavy object moving, including pianos. 
  • Residential moving or office relocation. 
  • Moving specialty items that need unique care in the moving process, such as fine art and antiques.
  • Relocating large items, such as a trampoline or office desks. 
  • Cross-country and national moving services. 

The Moving Process: Exhausting but Worth It!

Finding a new home is laborious enough; why work yourself up over the moving process itself? Busy Bee can get you through the moving process with ease. When looking for a moving company, you may not even know what to look for. Look for a company that is licensed and insured. A company with a long-standing reputation and experience is a plus! 

Moving Families, Young Professionals, Seniors, and Offices

There are so many components that make up the moving process. The process looks different for all people. Families will be packing up the belongings for everyone; a young professional may only have a few things. Seniors could have a small amount of stuff in boxes and belongings that need to be moved. If you’re responsible for handling all the moving arrangements, it can be overwhelming. Especially when moving other people’s things, such as your children or elderly family member’s belongings. An office move can be even more meticulous, ensuring that all office supplies are making their way to the new office. 

Busy Bee can help in any way you need; whether it’s a trampoline in the backyard, a large number of office desks and chairs, or some boxes to a nursing facility, we can take care of it.

Busy Bee’s Helpful Tips

Busy Bee offers all the moving services you could need, but we also offer helpful information and tips here on our website. From smart money tips to information on moving insurance, you can use Busy Bee from the beginning of the moving process to the end. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

Packing Tips

If you’re taking on some of the packing and not leaving it to Busy Bee, there are some things you can do to ensure the packing is efficient and done well. If you have dressers that are being moved, you can place light items, such as blankets and pillows, in the drawers of the dressers. This saves space and does not add any weight to the dresser when being moved. 

Fragile items should be wrapped securely, then placed in a box or container tightly to keep them from shifting during the move. Heavier and sturdier items should be placed at the bottom of boxes. Bedding and clothing can be packed in containers, boxes, or suitcases. Busy Bee provides wardrobes for a small fee if you want to keep any clothing hanging during the move. 

Saving Money During a Move

The biggest money-saving tip Busy Bee offers is to use coupons. Coupon books can be easily found; some are even mailed to you occasionally. These coupons can be useful to save on goods and services. 

Moving sales can help clear out any items that you don’t want or need before moving. Decluttering a space can also help Busy Bee be even more efficient while loading up the moving truck.

The Best Indianapolis Moving Company

Busy Bee Movers is an Indianapolis Area moving company, offering local, national and storage solutions. Need the best moving services in the Indianapolis Area for your next move? Call Busy Bee today for outstanding moving service!