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A Checklist for Moving Tools

So you are moving your stuff from one place to another.  Easy right? Maybe. Or perhaps on move-in day, you forgot boxes. Now you are up at 11 PM trying to find 30 boxes because your landlord needs you out by tomorrow.

What seems like a very simple task can become a nightmare without a checklist. To make sure you get your proper rest, here is a checklist to consult before you even think about packing those forks.Moving Truck

Boxes – These are going to be the bread and butter of your moving experience. That being said, preparation is key. Boxes can get pretty expensive if you have a lot of things. Talk to your friends or place of business in advance to see if they have any to spare.

Packing Materials – Boxes aren’t going to be much good without something to seal them. Make sure you have tape and scissors.  (Teeth don’t count.) Also, if you have plates or anything fragile, some newspapers or another material to soften contact between your things can make sure you have something to eat off of at the new place.

Furniture Care – You don’t want even your nightstand to end up all scratched and dented by the journey, so make sure you have some padding to keep your furniture safe. Some plastic wrap might be a good idea as well, especially for upholstered chairs and sofas.

Dolly – A dolly is indispensable if you have anything heavy to move. Moving a 150lb dresser across a room is going to be nearly impossible without one. A dolly allows you to work smart, not hard. The only set back is that with more awkward objects, you might need someone to help balance them.

Hand Truck – If you are moving alone, then you won’t get far without a hand truck. That doesn’t mean you don’t need it if you have help – it’s great for moving heavy boxes. Once you get the object onto the lip, it’s fairly easy for one person the handle the load.

Help – The greatest asset that you are going to find though, is people to help. If you have moved before then you know that friends can become pretty scarce around moving time. So the best policy is to not wait until 9 AM the day you move to make the Facebook post. Or better yet – schedule help from a local mover.