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Typical Midwest downtown main street. This street scene could be any small town U.S.A. Old brick buildings turned into small businesses, shops and cafe's.

Busy Bee Movers: Serving Your Indiana Moving Needs for Over 30 years

Busy Bee Movers has been offering its moving services for over 30 years in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. Family-owned and based in Indianapolis, we provide local and national moving services, as well as long-term and short-term storage solutions. If you’re making a move to Muncie, Indiana, Busy Bee can help make it stress-free. Call 317-497-5695 or request a quote online today!

Typical Midwest downtown main street. This street scene could be any small town U.S.A. Old brick buildings turned into small businesses, shops and cafe's.

Muncie: Indiana’s Own “Little Chicago”

Muncie, Indiana, located just an hour north of Indianapolis, gained the nickname “Little Chicago” in the 1920s during the Prohibition era. Now, with a chilly winter and warm summers, the small city of just under 70,000 people offers the perfect place for family fun or a night out with friends. 

The small city spans 26 miles, equipped with great parks, trails, a lively downtown, and an active sense of community. There are plenty of job opportunities with the economy mostly upheld through healthcare, retail, education, and other service industries. The largest employer in Muncie is Ball Memorial Hospital and is home to Ball State University, Ivy Technology Community College, and Harrison College.    


Why Choose Busy Bee for All Your Moving Needs?

There are several reasons to choose Busy Bee for all your moving needs. We offer flexible and affordable pricing for both local and long-distance movers. Our pricing programs are suitable for any budget. In addition, at Busy Bee we:

  • Are privately owned and operated by a family that has been servicing moving needs for over 30 years
  • Have plenty of experience, making our moves efficient and organized
  • Use large trucks, ensuring that a second trip will not be necessary 
  • Provide straps, dollies, furniture pads, and any other equipment that may be necessary for no additional charge
  • Carry a Better Business Bureau accreditation, with a good rating with BBB and Angie’s List
  • Have highly trained professional movers with years of experience that are full-time employees of ours, not hired subcontractors

Our Moving Services

Our moving services allow you to pick and choose precisely what you want us to do for you. If you only want us to handle transporting your belongings from one place to another, we can do that. If you want us to handle everything from beginning to end of your move, we can do that too. The moving services we offer include: 

  • Creating a personalized moving plan
  • Moving services in 11 major cities throughout Indiana, as well as the surrounding area
  • Cross-country, local, and long-distance moving services
  • Access to storage facilities
  • Packing and unpacking of all belongings
  • Packing supplies and materials, including boxes
  • Residential and office moves
  • Fragile item packing and moving, including antiques and fine art
  • Relocation of large items within a home or a business
  • Relocation of an employee’s belongings during an office move
  • Moving of a loved one’s belongings to a nursing home, assisted living facility, or independent senior housing

Finding the Right Movers 

Moving day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with the right movers. Finding the right movers can be daunting in and of itself. To find the right movers for you, start with the people you know. Ask your friends, family, even coworkers and neighbors are they have any recommendations. You’ll also want to make sure that the moving company is both licensed and insured. 

However, if you’re looking for the right movers for you, you don’t need to look any further. In addition to Busy Bee Movers being highly professional and experienced, we are fully licensed and insured. You can check any company’s accreditation, licensure, and insurance status through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. 

Busy Bee’s Helpful Moving Tips

An essential step in the moving process is contacting all the right people about your move. You’ll want to inform your family and friends of your new address. You’ll also want to contact your trash collector and post office to ensure they know that you’re moving. 

The last thing you want to be dealing with is the fact that your new home’s water is up and running by the time you move in. Other people to contact include your bank, your children’s schools, childcare, medical professionals, and your old home’s utility companies. You’ll additionally need to contact the IRS to keep your tax records up to date and the Social Security Administration if you receive Social Security benefits. 

When it comes to packing, Busy Bee knows what we’re doing. If you’re choosing to use us just for transporting and you will be doing all the packing yourself, we offer plenty of tips on the best and most efficient way to pack. You can place light articles, such as bedding and blankets, in the drawers of furniture. This will utilize that space without adding any extra weight.

Books should be packed neatly in strong cartons or boxes. Avoid putting books into drawers of any furniture or leaving them in bookshelves. Wrap all fragile items individually. Large and heavier items should be placed at the bottom of cartons or sturdy boxes, with lighter and smaller items on top. Glassware should also be wrapped to ensure its safety. 

Clothing can be moved by us on hangers from closets directly to our portable wardrobes for a minimal charge. This allows your clothing to be clean and wrinkle-free once it reaches your new home. Smaller articles of clothing can be packed in suitcases or boxes.

Large appliances should be adequately unplugged and disconnected. You can contact your authorized dealer or service company to ensure you’re disconnecting these correctly. Refrigerators should be disconnected a few days before our arrival for your move to allow ample time for them to defrost. Unplug it and leave all doors open for this process to be as efficient as possible. 

We offer protection for your mattresses for a small fee. We can cover it with a bag or carton to ensure it is not damaged during the move. We can then properly package and move all components of your entertainment centers. Television sets may be subject to checking before moving to protect liability.      

The Best Indianapolis Moving Company

Busy Bee Movers is an Indianapolis Area moving company, offering local, national and storage solutions. Need the best moving services in the Indianapolis Area for your next move? Call Busy Bee today for outstanding moving service!