Corporate Relocation Services

in Indianapolis

Busy Bee specializes in corporate relocation. Our relocation services are fully customizable to ensure you and your employees have a smooth transition to your business’ new space. Whether you’re moving a handful of employees or a few hundred, we’re dedicated to giving you a seamless and efficient relocation. 

We know that a corporate relocation can be stressful. With our team at Busy Bee, we can offer the understanding and expertise to lighten the load.

Busy Bee Can Provide Everything You Need

When it comes to corporate relocation, you may be required to adhere to specific guidelines and policies set by the company. Our team can work with your months in advance to ensure everything will be seamless. We’ve worked with many businesses to relocate their office and employees. We understand that a smooth relocation is as pertinent as any business asset.

Our goal is to maintain a high level of productivity from your relocating employees throughout the moving process, which we know is your goal too. We will ensure that downtime is as short as possible because we know that time is money.

Our experts work to customize the moving process, meeting every business need to the benefit of your employees and their families.

Packing Options

Busy Bee offers Full-Service packing, which means we’ll do everything for you, including bringing the latest packaging materials. Our Fragile packing services ensure that all fragile items are packed correctly, whether the coffee mugs from the break room or the artwork in the hallway.

We aim to keep all things safe and secure during the relocation. In addition, Do-It-Yourself packing allows you to handle the packing your way; we’ll provide the packing boxes.

The Relocation Process

At Busy Bee, our basic moving process consists of loading, transporting, and unloading. Our system includes labeling, inventorying, and loading all the office furniture, along with anything else that needs transporting, such as computer monitors and hard drives.

Our professionally-driven transport vehicles have air-ride suspension systems to keep all packages safe along the journey. The next part of the moving process is unloading. We’ll unload everything and place it in the room you need it in.

Additional Services

We offer several additional moving services which may come in handy for you during the corporate relocation.

Unpacking Services

One service we offer is unpacking. We’re happy to open and empty the contents of all boxes and situate them per your directions.

Assembly / Disassembly Services

You can utilize our assembly and disassembly services. Any furniture or specialized items can be disassembled before the move and then re-assembled once at the new location.

Third-Party Coordination

Upon request, we also offer coordination with third-party services, such as appliances and cleaning services, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Please inquire about our additional services when speaking with a team member. We’re happy to accommodate your situation however you need.

Moving Employees for Corporate Relocation

Moving an employee’s household goods can seem like the most expensive part of the journey, especially for many employees. Our team knows that moving employees and their families can be delicate, and we’re here to make the process easier and less costly than you anticipate.

With our knowledge and experience at Busy Bee Movers, we can make relocating your employees seamless and cost-effective. Our comprehensive services are unmatched. We employ strategies to cater to your productivity and operational needs, all while considering the personal needs of the employee as well.

Why Choose Busy Bee for Your Corporate Relocation

If you’re working towards a corporate relocation and looking to find the right movers, Busy Bee Movers is here to help.

  • We offer complete and unmatched services from the beginning of the planning process to the very end when you and your employees settle in your new office location.
  • We don’t do any labor subcontracting, ensuring greater accountability, personal attention, and care throughout the relocation process.
  • We make direct trips, so there won’t ever be a mix-up with other businesses’ items. We know that everything we’re transporting is essential, and we treat it as such.

You’re getting the greatest value for your money with Busy Bee Movers. We offer fair rates and honest pricing to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your relocation. We know corporate relocation can be expensive, so we try and offer you the most competitive pricing.

We’ve worked to become one of the best moving companies in the greater Indianapolis area. We’re ready to give you the corporate relocation services you need. Contact us today online or call us at 317-451-4338. Our team is waiting in line, prepared to discuss your relocation needs and offer you a quote for our services.

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