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10 Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

No matter the circumstances, if you’re not properly prepared, moving on a time crunch can be a ridiculously stressful experience. By hiring Busy Bee Movers, you’ll have one of the hardest parts handles in physically moving things from place to place. Aside from that, how can you get everything packed up and unloaded quickly from your old home to your new one? Follow our 10 tips for fast moving.

  1. Hire movers. With so many details involved in a move, you’re sure to be involved in all the last minute measures and making sure every little thing gets treated correctly. Make the process easier by leaving the heavy lifting and items that require specialized packing to trained experts.
  2. Create a to-do list. Keep a running list of everything you need to do for the move to make sure you don’t forget details. This list can often include:

    • Utility disconnect dates 
    • Utility turn on dates at the new place
    • ost office change of address form
    • Note new address when paying bills
    • Leases
    • Moving out responsibilities
    • Moving in date/time
    • Mover estimates, quotes and contracts
  3. Source and/or buy boxes. Find boxes to make sure you have ample means to move all of your items without too much hassle. See more on how to get boxes for your move here.
  4. Prioritize a “just in case” box. If anything in your move doesn’t go right and you’ll have to stay in your old or new home without your belongings for a short period of time, you’ll want to keep a few things handy. Pack a box with immediate necessities, like prescriptions, paper or plastic utensils and dishes, extra clothes, mobile devices or other entertainment. Keep this with you and don’t stress about needing your things immediately.
    couple packing things into boxes
  5. Keep it consolidated. Don’t pack or unpack all at once; this can be stressful and often slower than just tackling your move one room at a time. This allows you to pack and unpack systematically.
  6. Move less stuff. Before committing to bringing items with you, do a quick assessment: what can you keep, give away or throw away? This can lighten the load on your move and give you less clutter to work around in your new place.
  7. Take pictures. As a protective measure, take pictures of items before placing them in boxes. If anything is damaged in the move, you’ll have proof of the condition items were in before they were transported.
  8. Color code boxes. Assign each room a specific color, and place that color on your boxes in the form of tape, sharpies or markers. This way you’ll be able to put each box right where it should be right away. Save yourself the time of moving the same box on multiple occasions.
  9. Keep clothes in dressers. See if you can keep your clothes inside your dressers and wrap them shut for the transport. This is one less thing to pack and unpack, but it depends on the overall weight.
  10. Protect breakables. Newspapers are effective at guarding valuables but they take time to gather (and can mean you need to wash these items later). Chances are you can save time and kill two birds by wrapping fragile items in t-shirts and other clothing. Both need to be packed regardless, and with any luck, you will need fewer boxes.
  11. Mark fragile boxes accordingly. Some boxes will contain more breakable items and will require more care than others. Don’t skip the step of labelling these, it only takes a few seconds and can further protect your valuable items.

At the end of the day, the best way to get a move done quickly the right way means hiring a trusted team of moving professionals. Contact Busy Bee today for a free quote, and make us your team.