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busy bee moversBusy Bee works closely with each customer and takes the time to learn all the relevant details about your specific situation so we can develop the best moving plan for you.

Our moving quotes are customized to fit your unique needs and budget, taking into consideration all the different aspects of your move. We will always provide a moving estimate that is as accurate as possible, based on the information we receive.

We will also discuss packing options, protection of belongings, and the various service options available, as well as explain what moving supplies – and how much of each kind – you’ll need.

How Are Moving Company Rates Calculated?

We take several factors into consideration when determining moving quotes and always aim to provide moving company prices that are distinctly tailored to each individual situation. Below are two of the main factors that will affect moving quotes:

Type of Move

How far your move is will play a large role in the calculating the total moving company cost. Local, in-state, and out-of-state moves will all have different costs associated with them.

Size of the Move

Just how much needs to be moved is another determining factor in coming up with moving quotes. We will obtain information about the type of dwelling, how many rooms there are if there’s a garage, and if there are items in storage units to get an accurate picture of the number of belongings that need to be moved. The estimated weight of your belongings will be part of the cost calculation.

Moving Company Quotes from Busy Bee

When you choose Busy Bee for your move, you’ll receive top quality service from professionals who have years of industry experience – all at the best value.

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