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Packing Tips

Packing Tips to Help Your Move to Indianapolis!

If you choose to do you own packing; here are a few tips that will help to avoid any damage to your belongings and keep them secure in transit.


Place bedding in clean cartons. Light articles such as blankets or pillows may me put into furniture drawers.


Books should be packed in small, strong cartons with openings securely tied. Books should be placed cover-to-cover, alternating bindings to prevent the pages from becoming interlocking and damaged. Wrap valuable books individually. Do not pack books in furniture drawers or leave them in portable bookshelves or bookcases.


Wrap separately and pack in cartons, boxes or barrels. Cushion well with newsprint. Pack largest and heaviest items in the bottom container. Do not pack over edge of container.

Canned and Boxed Foods

Pack upright in small, sturdy cartons. Do not pack beyond the limit of portability, not over 50 pounds to each container. Approximately 24 cans should be ample.


Wrap china and all fragile objects in paper individually. Large plates and heavy pieces should be placed on the bottom of the container, on edge, smaller plates, cups and saucers toward the top of the container. Plates and dishes should be placed in a vertical position with pads of paper in between. We recommend 3” of paper on the bottom of the barrel or carton and 2” of paper in between layers. Do not pack above edge of container.


For a nominal charge, our men will move your clothing on hangers, from the closets directly to wardrobes furnished by us. Wardrobes will hold approximately 25 hangers depending upon size of garments. Your clothing will reach you clean and wrinkle-free. For small clothing articles; pack nicely in suitcases, boxes or trunks.


Pendulums on clocks should be removed or secured tightly to the base of the clock. Small clocks may be wrapped and placed in boxes.

Curtains & Draperies

Before moving day, remove curtains from the rods and fold them neatly in drawers or clean, white tissue-lined cartons. Draperies may be placed on hangers and transferred to wardrobe cartons, or they may be folded and placed in cartons. To save handling, they can be sent to the cleaners and delivered directly to your new home.

Drawers in Furniture

Articles such as blankets, cushions, pillows and clothing may be left in drawers. Do not pack heavy items in dresser, bureau, server or buffet drawers. NEVER leave liquids, breakables or firearms in drawers.

Glass tops to Furniture

For complete safety, these items should be boxed. This is a must when storing or shipping. For local moving however, they frequently can be removed and replaced by one of our movers who will pad them safely in the moving truck.


Stemware and glassware should be wrapped individually and placed in barrels or placed in the top of china containers. Do not nest unwrapped glasses into each other. Place wrapped glassware right side up, not on their sides.