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Helpful Hints for Your Indianapolis Move

Looking for some advice on your next move? Here are some helpful tips and suggestions that can make your move easier. Deal with less hassle and move better with help from Busy Bee.

Air Conditioners

For your particular model, find your authorized dealer or service company for more information. Some sealed units require being bolted down during the journey.

Washers and Dryers, Electric or Gas

Check with your service company to learn more about the proper way to disconnect and reconnect these appliances.


For food in open containers that’s at risk of spilling or spoiling during the course of your move, just get rid of it. Perishable food should never be stored or shipped, and Busy Bee cannot be held liable for damage caused by food spills.


Before your move, take the time to thoroughly defrost and dry your refrigerator. This will ensure that mold or mildew doesn’t begin to grow, and keeps the unit safe to store food in at your new location. Be sure to leave your doors open to air out for several hours after defrosting the unit. Be sure to remove and individually package all of your pans, trays, crispers, shelves or removable parts. Be sure to not plug it in at your new location until it has been unbolted.


Two days prior to moving, your freezer has to be completely defrosted. By airing and drying, you’ll avoid mildew and musty odors, keeping your food safe when you use it in your new home. Since the safety of your contents cannot be guaranteed, plan in advance to use up all of your freezer’s contents before your move. Check with your service company to learn more about properly connecting and disconnecting the unit.


For a slight charge, we can protect your mattress with a bag or carton. Do not try to roll or handle this, as it can result in damage to the mattress. Otherwise, be sure to protect your mattress with a sheet or mattress cover.


You or your florist should assume responsibility and handle your plants en route to your destination. Busy Bee Movers will not assume responsibility for living plants.


If you have rugs in your floors, the team with Busy Bee will gladly handle this for you. To avoid crushing, we will roll them and store them properly. If they will be stored after the move, consider cleaning them to avoid mustiness. Be sure to remove tacks before your movers arrive.

Sewing Machines

Sewing machines do not need special servicing for local moving. For longer distance moves, your movers will place a paper in and around the machine as well as between the lid and base in order to prevent rubbing and other damage.


You will need to disconnect your stove prior to the time of pickup by your movers. Be sure your gas lines are shut off and thoroughly secured with caps, if possible. For electric ranges, loose coils will need to be removed together with griddles, deep fryers and removable parts, and then packed separately.

Televisions/Entertainment Centers

Some television sets will require being checked for defects before moving, in order to protect liability. Some color televisions will need to be serviced both before and after your move. Your antennas or satellite dishes will need to be removed from the rooftops and disassembled. For multi-part entertainment centers, you will need to dismantle these into smaller sections with glass doors and shelves removed and wrapped individually.