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10 Places to Find Inexpensive Moving Boxes

No matter where you’re moving, from close to home to the other end of the country, preparing properly for your move is one of the most important elements of the process. Don’t make the mistake of storing all of your things in reusable containers; buying enough to store all of your possessions will be extremely costly and difficult to store in your new home. Finding affordable and, later, disposable boxes can make your move a much more affordable process.

Wherever you live, there are plenty of places that will have used boxes they’re looking to get rid of. From retail and restaurants to other people via social media, you’ll have many opportunities. So, where can you find affordable or free boxes to make your move easier?

Liquor Stores
Liquor stores get deliveries most days and will almost always have extra boxes they’re looking to get rid of. Be sure to check these boxes for tears or dents before using them. Be warned, these may not have tops.

Retailers have massive amounts of products, which means massive amounts of boxes. Call your nearest supermarket or retail store, and ask for boxes. With an accommodating manager or employee, you’ll get plenty of storage for your next move.

Depending on your city, you might find plenty of cardboard boxes and bins for recycling, or thrown away as trash by other movers. Find some of these and get free moving boxes for yourself!

Apartment buildings are full of tenants, and people move in and out all the time. Get in contact with an apartment office manager, and they might be able to direct you to some free boxes to make your move easier.

Often, book collections are an extremely difficult thing to move. There are often many items and they can be bulky and require care to not damage. Bookstore boxes are a perfect fit for making sure your collection stays safe for your move.

Restaurants purchase food in bulk, and the boxes that are used for this are strong and considered perfect for hauling items durably and dependably. Many are independently owned, so the owners or managers should be accessible.

These aren’t the only options for you to get moving boxes, however. Some online resources include:

You might have some luck checking the “free” section of the site for these. Alternatively, you could pay a small fee and receive enough boxes to handle your move.

This environmentally friendly, nonprofit organization is designed to help people find free stuff while saving the environment. Join Freecycle and post that you need moving boxes.

U-Haul Personal Connect
This online resource allows you to search for moving resources near you. Post, and get free boxes!

Facebook Groups
You can post that you need boxes for moving, and odds are that someone in the largest online community will be able to help you out. Plus, it’s a convenient way to reach all of your family, friends and acquaintances in one place.

Now that you know where to find the boxes you need, follow our tips and hints on how to pack your things efficiently. Need to schedule your move? Contact us to get started.