What NOT to Move

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Let’s be honest:
As an Indianapolis moving company, we’ve seen our fair share of moving loads. We aim to provide you with the highest quality move by treating your belongings with the utmost care and respect, while being mindful of the stressors you face along during your relocation.

Ahead of a move, you’re anxious to get to your next destination. Often times, customers are well packed, fairly organized and ready to get from point A to point B. Often, it’s standard to fit as much as possible into as few boxes as possible – or overpack – but we’re here to advise you against what shouldn’t and can’t be loaded into your moving cargo.

Here’s a list of what to leave out of your packed boxes:

1. Garden fertilizers, chemicals and sprays

the garage can be one of the quickest places in the home to pack. Instinct says “throw it all in a box!” – but before you do, remember that a lot of what keeps your grass green and your weeds to a minimum requires product that isn’t so moving-friendly. Most yard products are highly flammable, which can still present a very real danger, even when it isn’t the dead of summer. Our advice is to pitch what you have remaining and repurchase once you arrive at your new home.

2. Unsealed and/or perishable food

we understand wanting to minimize waste, but consider donating your perishables before you leave. There are plenty of national food banks happy to take your donations, as well as local resources in Indianapolis that could benefit from your kindness. Drop off is simple and you can leave your city knowing you just helped others in the community!

3. Photo albums, prized possessions & important documents

we work hard to maintain your items, but accidents can happen. Where your valuables are concerned, we recommend keeping those within your own vehicle. That way, they’re always in your immediate possession and you can keep them away from spills, boxes that could be mistakenly thrown away, and from situations where damage or loss could occur.

4. Pet food

Don’t let the craze of moving keep you from having access to your favorite four-legged pal’s food. Keep your pet’s food easily accessible (in your vehicle, perhaps) or be sure to keep enough with you until you are able to locate the food at your new location.

5. Alcohol

Whether you’ve worked at it for years or just have a bottle or two reserved for a special occasion, you’ll want to err on the side of caution and pack your alcohol separate from the moving truck. Remember, though: no open, alcoholic containers in a vehicle! Any remaining alcohol can be enjoyed during the packing process!

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