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It can be emotionally grueling and stressful to leave one home for another, regardless of the perks. Nearly 10 percent of U.S. households rent a self-storage unit, according to the U.S. Census Bureau–and that doesn’t include storage rented during the moving process. For many, storage units are a welcome relief to the stress that can come with moving and decluttering, because they allow us to hold on to cherished personal items, regardless of our circumstances.

What should you store and why?

Furniture, including outdoor items
Family heirlooms
Holiday decorations
Equipment for yard
Documents and business files

What to look for in a storage facility

You need more than a good lock to keep your items safe. When comparing facilities, consider:

  • Accessibility. Look for units in relatively close proximity to your new home, so that your items are fairly easy to retrieve.  
  • Controlled environment. Heated units usually stay cool in summer due to insulation. Is this enough heat/cold/moisture protection or do you need the year-round stability of climate controlled units? The contents you store will often dictate this. But also be on the lookout for overall construction: drywall and wood frames aren’t moisture-proof–you could experience damage in high humidity.
  • Security. Is the space trackable and difficult for others to reach? Look for appropriate/strong fencing, internal and external video surveillance cameras, secure locks and limited access, preferably via fingerprint sensors or personalized pin-code access.

Storage facilities in greater Indianapolis

Where should you start your search for storage facilities? We’ve compiled a few top-rated spaces to consider in Indianapolis:


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