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Packing for a Downsize

As American homes grow larger in size (and higher in price) many people say if they decided to move, they’d want to downsize. In fact, more homeowners would rather have a smaller house than a larger one (37% compared to 23%).

With that goal in mind – living large in a smaller home – here are some tips for planning ahead for a downsize:

  • Take an inventory – Before you tackle a downsize, knowing where you’re headed is key. How much space – inch for inch, room for room – are you losing? It’s important to have a general idea where your possessions will end up in your new residence, so estimate what amount you’ll aim to take with you before the packing begins. Better yet, draw up a general blueprint of your new home and note which major items will be placed in the new location.
  • Organize – With a general goal in mind, create piles (or designate space) for each room in your new residence. As you maneuver through each room in your current residence, place each item in its respective, new location. We recommend creating the following piles: items to trash, items to sell, and items to give away.
  • Identify and address duplicates – Have two toasters? Get rid of one. Only take what you need and utilize the purge/donate sell process with any duplicate items.
  • Purge – If any item didn’t make the cut for a donation or giveaway, save yourself some space and trash it. For ease, consider renting a roll off dumpster.
  • Donate – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Instead of defaulting to throwing items away, donate them. Organizations like Goodwill will even allow you to schedule a donation pick up, saving you time and allowing you to continue packing for your move.
  • Sell – If your item has monetary value and you’re in the market for a little cash, consider resources like Ebay, Craigslist, or having your own garage sale.
  • Prioritize – When you arrive at your new home, what items will you need immediate access to? Consider things like medications, pet food, cleaning supplies, important documents, etc. Label boxes accordingly, detailing what is packed and what room it should be unloaded in upon arrival.

No matter the size of your moving load, Busy Bee Movers has the expertise to deliver your possessions efficiently and safely. Contact us to start planning your move today.