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Helpful Ideas for Moving with Kids

Family moving house with boxes aroundTo have a child is to have lots of stuff – like Lego sets with missing pieces, clothes from all stages of growth, and toys long since outgrown or forgotten. There’s a lot for any family to manage, especially when dealing with all the newness and uncertainties that come from moving and getting used to a new home.

However, there are things that can help ease the transition. As with adults, kids often feel better about a move when they feel more invested and in control of their space and their things. With a little planning and consideration, you can make your move go more smoothly.

Create Piles

Ask your child to go through everything in their room and divide it into four piles: keep, donate, toss and sell. If your child is really small, you will have to help them. But older children (ages 7 and over) can often do a lot of this on their own.

Suggestions for different piles:

  • Present it as an opportunity – a chance to get rid of all the babyish or broken things they don’t want anymore.
  • If your new home is going feature new furniture or a new look to their room, emphasize that, too.
  • If your child has items you want to donate to specific charities, box them up and take your child with you – allow them enjoy the benefits of donating.


Consigning can be a tricky business, but can have great benefits – especially for getting money back out of your children’s old toys and clothes. Seek out the consignment stores for kids items in your town, and call them. Ask them what they are buying, and what they need.

Look through your pile for matches. Usually, consignment stores need gently worn and fashionably up-to-date children’s clothing and shoes, and mint condition toys. They will generally pay about ¼ to ½ of what you paid for the item originally.

The same is true for taking old games to be resold at used game shops. So you can decide whether you’d rather sell them here, or at your new home in a garage sale?

Have a yard sale

Yard sales (or garage sales) can succeed or fail based on where you live, how much foot traffic you can generate, and how much, and how good the items are you have to sell.

If your neighborhood organizes a neighborhood sale, and it falls in your moving window, take advantage and participate.

When you do have a sale, promote it heavily with signage around the area, and offer items like coffee or donuts, which will entice browsers in.

Sell online

If you have particularly desirable items, like a collectible games or figures, consider setting up an account through eBay and selling them there. Give the money for the item back to your child for buying new items for the new room.

Create a ‘Favorite Stuff’ box

Unpacking can be stressful, especially for kids, when so many of their things can’t be found right away.  Help them pack a box with all their favorite items, and decorate it so it can be easily found. When then open it up, they’ll have all the things they need most, right at hand.