Other Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints for Your Indianapolis Move

Here are a few more suggestions and comments that may be useful for your next move.

Air Conditioners

Consult your authorized dealer or service man on your particular model. Some sealed units should be bolted down.

Washers and Dryers, Electric or Gas

Check with your service man for proper disconnect/reconnect.


Dispose of food in open containers that might spill or spoil en route. Busy Bee cannot be held liable for food spilling on other items. Perishable food should never be stored or shipped.


Defrost and thoroughly dry you refrigerator before moving. This is very important. The doors should be left open several hours to air after defrosting. All pans, trays, crispers, shelves or removable parts should be removed and wrapped individually. Do not plug it in at the new house until it has been unbolted.


These appliances must be completely defrosted two days prior to moving. They should be dried and aired to avoid musty odor. Safety of contents cannot be guaranteed so it is best to empty your freezer and plan meals that will use up perishable contents. Check with your service man for proper disconnect/reconnect.


Our movers will protect your mattress with a bag or carton for a slight charge. Do not try to roll or handle as this may result in damaged springs or fabrics. If you like, you may protect them with a sheet or mattress cover.


These should be handled personally by you or given to your florist to send to your destination. Busy Bee Movers will not assume responsibility for living plants.


It is not necessary to remove rugs from the floors. Our movers will gladly do this for you. They will be rolled to avoid crushing. If they are to be stored, have them cleaned. Tacks should be removed from carpeting before movers arrive.

Sewing Machines

These do not need special servicing for local moving. For long distance, the driver will stuff paper in and around the machine and place paper between the lid and base to prevent rubbing.


Stoves must be disconnected prior to pickup. Be sure gas lines are shut off tight and capped, if possible. For electric range, if the coil is loose, they must be removed together with griddles, deep fryers and removable parts, and then packed separately.

Televisions/Entertainment Centers

Some sets require that they be checked before moving. Some color TV’s must be serviced both before and after moving. Television antennas or satellite dishes should be removed from the rooftops and disassembled. Entertainment centers should be dismantled into smaller sections with glass doors and shelves removed and wrapped individually.