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Moving Tips

Indianapolis Moving Tips

Busy Bee assists you with all of your moving services, from beginning to end. We pride ourselves on delivering to you affordable, reliable and professional moving services.

At Busy Bee, we believe that without the correct moving services information, you can become disorientated and confused about your moving services options. To avoid this happening to you, we have developed a wide range of helpful information for your moving services needs.

Moving Tips — Local Move

Each move is special, with unique elements and requirements. Busy Bee considers each move differently; dates, times, elevators, and stairs are all integrated into the final plan. The following basic services can be done separately or in combination.

Your move will be priced and scheduled either in person with an on-site estimate or made by phone, fax, or e-mail. A local move, in most cases, is a move done from city to city within a State or in a 100-mile radius. All local moves are regulated by your state’s Department of Transportation. All charges on local moving are by the hour. In certain cases, firm pricing can be done.

Moving Tips — Long Distance Move

A Van Line is a national company with a network of local agents. The company establishes certain operating standards, coordination of services and training for its agents in different states. In some cases, the agent you contacted is a booking agent, who assigns the job to a different moving company. This is not the case with Busy Bee. Here you are dealing directly with your moving company, we will handle your move from start to finish, with only the best service. Not only will we provide you with a free estimate, we will also plan your move with you each step of the way.

Long distance charges are based mainly on the weight of your shipment and the distance they need to be moved.

Use our guides below to help with your next move. Understanding a few basic tips and tricks can save you time and money!

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