Schools in Zionsville, Indiana

Top Public Schools in Zionsville, Indiana

Zionsville, Indiana contains some of the state’s top public schools, with well-supported and even programs and funding. With 6,700 students and growing, Zionsville is a growing educational community with high district expenditures per student and graduation rates over 98 percent. The city’s community-based school system allows most children to attend public schools right in their own neighborhoods. There are five elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school in the district. Incoming student families can visit the district’s website for more information.

All Areas Have Access to Great Schools

Zionsville schools are consistently excellent across the board, removing anxiety for parents of where to move or enroll. The quality of the physical infrastructure, educational programs, and extracurricular buildings are all excellent, with additional extensive services and special classes for special needs students. All students are issued their own laptop that they can carry from class to class and take home for assignments in order to further educational opportunities.

Zionsville School District Information

Address typically determines which school a student will visit, with the ability to type in your address and see which school assignment you will get through the district website. Browse links to schools in Zionsville Community Schools for more information.

Here is a list of links to the websites of schools in the Zionsville Community Schools, so you can deep dive for more information: