Top Employers in Muncie, Indiana

List of Top Employers Located in Muncie, Indiana

The home of a growing community, the host of a thriving educational institution and the heart of a county located centrally within the state, Muncie, Indiana is a growing city to find work and advance your career.

As a city with a population of 70,087 and at the center of Delaware County with a population of 115,184, Muncie, Indiana has a rich history and a thriving sense of community. Ball State University, a college with alumni including Davis Letterman, is a mainstay in the state of Indiana, and Muncie’s history of art and industry alike has attracted employers looking to access hard workers and a welcoming community.

With an affordable standard of living and vibrant energy, living and working in Muncie, Indiana is a positive and achievable destination. Employers range industries including education, industry, services, and finance. You’ll be able to leverage your skills and find the right employer for you in Muncie.

Use the list below to access some of the best employment options found in Muncie, Indiana: