Schools in Muncie, Indiana

List of Public Schools in Muncie, Indiana

Home to the famous Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana is a city famous for education. This expertise in teaching and shaping minds also applies to the public school system found in Muncie. For every family moving to the city, they will be able to find the right educational system to provide their children with the best possible foundation for college and beyond.

Muncie has a variety of school choices on display, from primary schools to middle and high schools. Each school draws on a unique community and culture, to provide a learning environment that sets that school apart. With so many quality institutions found in Muncie, Indiana, students will be ready to take on all the future challenges life will throw at them.

The area schools surrounding Muncie, Indiana are distinct, so families might want to consider which one they’re planning on putting their children in. Browse the links below, and learn more about all the school options Muncie has to offer.


Middle School

High School