Utilities for Indianapolis, Indiana

Moving is far less stressful when you remember details like connecting utilities well before move-in day. With utilities, timing is everything–disconnect too soon and have dinner by candle light; disconnect too late and you may not have the water turned on in your new place. We’ll show you what utility companies you need to contact and how to plan for the transition.woman on the phone

Disconnecting and Transferring Utilities

If you want to have a hassle-free move, you need to plan ahead to disconnect and transfer utilities. After you confirm your move-in day, contact your current utility providers and discuss when to disconnect services. This way, running water and lights will be available for your final walk-through, allowing for any cleaning and double checking for any remaining items before turning in your keys.

Thirty days in advance of your move-in day is enough time to make arrangements with utility billing departments. Set up the disconnect day after you’ve finished cleaning and removing the final items from your old residence. In doing so, all utility account balances are covered before your move out day.

Connecting Indianapolis utilities means contacting more than one service provider. Power, gas, water, and sewage are typically set up separately, and all online processing information is right here. But details you need to know include:

Electricity Connection

Indianapolis Power and Light company is the primary electrical provider for Indianapolis. Connecting or transferring service online is simple:

  • Visit www.iplpower.com select residential menu tab and select connect options
  • Complete the form that requires your personal information and service information
  • Review, submit, and
  • Confirmation of your service order will be sent to your email

If you cannot complete your online service request contact information will be provided for assistance or call 888-261-8222 | 317-261-4444

Trash Pickup

Indy provides curbside trash pickup services. Two types of trash collection include:

  • Automated pickup (truck mechanical arms pick up trash)
  • Hand collection (crew member manually collects trash)

Indianapolis offer residential recycling options. Trash is collected five days a week beginning at 7 a.m. on your collection day. Place trash at the curb or in the alley before 7 a.m. for pickup. View your recycling curbside pickup schedule here.

Gas, Water, and Sewage Connection

Citizens Energy Group is the primary gas company in Indianapolis. For your convenience, you can apply online. Here are the steps:

  • Electronic orders are processed weekdays and within 24 hours of your submission
  • Confirmation of service orders are sent via email
  • Payment is accepted via cash, personal checks, money orders, and checks need to made out to Citizens Energy. Group in person at Citizen Energy Group 2020 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 or call 800-427-4217 l 317-927-4444

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