Schools in Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Offers Vibrant Education Choices

From magnet schools to invested community schools, gifted programs to special education services, Indianapolis Public Schools offer something for every family looking at moving to the Indianapolis area.

Indianapolis Public Schools

myIPS LogoAs the largest public school district in Indiana, Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) covers 80 square miles, employs over 6,000 people and serves 30,000 students.

IPS is a vibrant urban public school district that features a wide array of choices for Indianapolis families, from excellent community schools to magnet and option programs that focus on math, science, performing arts, Montessori, International Baccalaureate, Spanish immersion, specific career paths like tech and culinary arts, and a whole lot more.

IPS is committed to diversity and giving students an equal chance for a great education. But, like most cities, performance standards do vary from school to school. Fortunately, the district offers a handy database that can let parents moving to Indianapolis can search the areas they want their kids to go to school in, and view each of the school’s demographics and performance measures.

Magnet Schools

If your family is interested in an IPS magnet program school, applying is not just as simple as walking in the door.
Students are chosen for a magnet program based on a lottery process, and it is important not to skip any steps.

More information about magnet school choices and their applications can be found on the system’s website.

Applications are available on the website starting in November every year, and deadlines for turning them in can creep up quickly. The first choice often goes to siblings of a student already enrolled in the school.

If there is too much demand for spots, as is often the case, you can wait on a waiting list for up to two schools.

Typically, however, students are assigned to a district school based on your address. The district has a website tool that will allow you to type in your address and they will give you the school assignments for that area.

It’s pretty handy, especially if you have a preference of schools and you are still looking at houses!

School Websites

For more information, here’s a list of links to the websites for several Indianapolis Public Schools:

Primary Schools

Middle Schools