Top Employers In Greenwood, Indiana

Greenwood City Center Building

Where to Work in Greenwood, Indiana

Situated immediately south of Indianapolis and home to a thriving community all its own, Greenwood, Indiana is uniquely situated to provide a small-town sense of comfort with big city amenities within easy reach.

With a population of 52,652, and centrally located in Johnson County with a population of 139,654, Greenwood Indiana is a large community in its own right. However, when within arm’s reach of downtown Indianapolis, employment options are wide open for residents across every industry.

Residents don’t have to commute into Indianapolis to find valuable employment, however! In the community of Greenwood, jobs exist in industries from health care to digital and beyond. There’s always an option for residents with the right skills and the desire to live in a welcoming, employer-friendly community.

See below to discover some of Greenwood, Indiana’s top employers.