Top Employers in Ft. Wayne Indiana

Downtown Fort Wayne

List of Top Employers in Fort Wayne, Indiana

As Indiana’s second largest city boasting a population of 254,555, and at the heart of Allen County with a population of 355,329, Fort Wayne, Indiana is one of the most industrialized and popular areas in the state.

Embedded in Fort Wayne’s vibrant community, you can find employment with a huge variety of companies and organizations across nearly every conceivable field, from manufacturing and healthcare to technology and finance.

With a low median resident age, affordably-priced standards of living and rapid growth across multiple industries all centered in the heart of the city, residents and new moves will have no problem finding the right position in the right field to make their mark in the community and continue to advance their career.

Fort Wayne is abundant with employment options, so learn more about some of the most popular employers in Fort Wayne, Indiana: