Fishers Utilities

Confused about how to get your utilities hooked up in Fishers, Indiana?  We’ll walk you through the choices you need to make to make your move as smooth as possible.

What You Need to Know to Choose Your Utility Providers in Fishers, IN

With all the tasks that come with organizing your move, it’s easy to let your utility sign ups wait until the last minute.  But to ensure you have the service you need on the day you need it, it is best to call your utilities as soon as you know your move date, even if this is a month in advance. This will give them time to properly notify the billing department and get your shut off day scheduled in the system.

This is especially important during your move to Fishers, Indiana, as this city is served by numerous utility providers, and getting your utilities transferred takes a little research to ensure you are signing up for the right one.

Waste Disposal

For instance, trash and recycling pick up is not automatic or assessed by the city for one provider.  Residents must arrange their own individual trash pick-up choosing one of the following providers:


Electricity is provided by two different electric companies in Fishers.  Call these numbers to determine which company falls under your new address’ service area.


Signing up for Gas service is a bit simpler, with only one provider, Vectren Energy, providing service in the area.

Sewage Services

Fishers is a community with homes that are, in general, hooked up to a central sewer system.  Fishers provides service to central portions of Fishers west of Lantern Road and south of 126 St.

  • Hamilton Southeastern Utilities provides service to most of the remaining communities.
  • The Water Quality Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining 110 miles of sanitary sewer lines within municipal limits.


Water service is another area where there are two different providers serving different areas of the city, depending on where you live.  To determine where your home lies in the service area, call these companies at:


When it comes to phone and cable, the Internet is a good place to start to find competitive product and service information about what is available in your area. There are several providers that cover the area, including AT&T, Comcast, and Brighthouse Cable.

Here is a link to a site to compare latest packages:

Plan ahead to transfer services

When moving out of your old home, it is generally a good idea to just go ahead and pay for an extra day or two of utility coverage when you sign off your accounts and pay your last bill. This will help cover things if there is a lag between when you move out your possessions and when the next owner moves in. If you have plans to go back and clean up or go back to retrieve a forgotten item, you’ll have power to cover your needs.

Conversely, it is also a good idea, if it is possible, to get your power transferred over to your name as soon as you take possession of the keys to your new house.