Where to Work in Danville, IN

Danville Indiana offers small town and big city employment options

In many respects, Danville Indiana offers the best of both worlds. It is small enough to know your neighbors well, and enjoy an old-fashioned quaint downtown. Yet, it is close enough to Indianapolis, Indiana –just 20 miles from the city center– that many choose to work in any of the thousands of jobs available in the south side of Indy.

There are roughly 160,000 people who live in Hendricks County, and the population and economy there is only expected to increase in the coming years. In fact, the state of Indiana projects double-digit growth increases in population in this area, netting more than 200,000 people by 2025.

Low unemployment rates

The area’s unemployment rate, predictably, is running low. In fact, from 2010 to 2015, the area’s unemployment rate shrank from 7.9 percent to just 3.8 percent– a full percentage point below the state average. With the exception of utilities and arts/recreation, employment across every job category in Hendricks County is up by double digits. As of 2014, the average per capita income in Hendricks County was $42,945 – an 81 percent increase since 1994.

Types of business and industry

Small towns along the perimeter of Indianapolis are heavy in the industrial sector, and Danville/Hendricks County is no exception to the rule. In fact, according to the state’s latest ranking of top employers in Hendricks County, nearly all, with the exception of Hendricks Regional Health and Q-edge Corp., are in the logistics and warehousing business, which can offer competitive starting wages and benefits.

Robust employment marketplace

No matter what your career expertise, however, you should be able to find employment in the robust employment marketplace in Indianapolis. In fact, a search on major job websites such as Indeed.com and Monster.com show thousands of available job openings in the area, in a wide variety of fields.

The City of Danville also makes it easy for people to search for and apply for City Government jobs. The city has a webpage listing all its current job openings with a link to apply.

Check out some of the Danville area’s biggest employers:

Mr. Electric (Plainfield)

Amazon Fulfillment Ctr (Plainfield)

Duke Energy Indiana Llc (Plainfield)

Hendricks Regional Health (Danville)

Q-edge Corp (Plainfield)

Home Goods Distribution Ctr (Brownsburg)

JC Penney Distribution Ctr (Plainfield)

Guitar Center Distribution Ctr (Brownsburg)

Sws Re-distribution Co Inc. (Plainfield)

Walmart Distribution Ctr (Plainfield)