Schools in Danville, Indiana

Danville Indiana is the Best of Small Town America

Do you long to educate your children in a small school system, where everyone knows everybody’s name, kids go to the community school around the corner, and the quality of instruction is high?  If so, Danville, Indiana, may be a town you want to consider.

With just 2,500 children in the entire school system, students here truly grow up with one another in a small town environment. Yet, all the schools in the Danville system have received and “A” rating from the state for instructional quality. The local school system has just two elementary schools, one serving the north side of town, and the other serving the south.  After that, all the students in Danville go to the same middle and high schools.

If you are moving to Danville in the middle of the summer, the registration process for the local school system begins in late July.  Families will be asked to register online.  A detailed discussion of the registration process can be found by clicking on this link on the district website.  This will create a profile for each of your students in the system, which should also connect you to your grades and family announcements via a parent portal once your child starts school.

The parent portal allows you to do several things, including pay for your child’s lunches, as well as book rental fees that all students must pay.  Applications for free and reduced lunches can be found on the school district’s main website. For more information on the Danville School system calendar and vacation schedules, visit its interactive calendar here.

If you are transferring from another district in the middle of the school year, Non-resident transfer enrollment requests for the school year are general accepted September through March. New and mid-year transfer enrollment requests can be submitted via online registration by clicking this link.

Students moving to Danville will find a variety of activities to keep them engaged in school.  For working parents, Danville’s grade schools offer after school and before school programs. Danville schools offer a wide variety of options in music and theatre, and a broad array of athletic teams accredited through the Indiana High School Athletic Association.

For more information on the K-12 schools in Danville, Indiana, check out our links below.

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