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Switching utilities to your new home in Carmel, Indiana can be confusing, but you will have a wide variety of customer service and payment options to make the transition as easy as possible.

As a city of nearly 100,000 people, Carmel has a rich level of infrastructure and is able to provide quality utilities to its residents in each category of service. The city’s website portal has detailed resources that can help you with utilities during your moving process. Water, sewer, trash and recycling billing are all accessible through the site, and your utilities are made easy to manage.

Don’t wait until your moving date to handle your utilities. By handling this in advance, you can know that you’ll have a good lead-in time to handle your service shut-off dates in your old home and start dates in your new home without unpleasant surprises come moving day.

For your new home in Carmel, Duke Energy provides electricity and Indiana Gas Company provides natural gas for gas home heating. By coordinating with these companies as well as the owner of your home prior to your move-in, you will ensure your home stays heated and cooled properly.

Carmel City Water system provides water to most people in the city limits of Carmel. Some residents closer to Indianapolis will be on the Indianapolis water system. Be sure to confirm which water system will be in your area.

Trash is collected once a week, with your trash collection pickup day depending on your address. Recycling services cost approximately $9 a month. Recycling services pickup is on the same day as your trash pickup, every other week. Visit Carmel’s city website to find out which week your recycling pickup will happen.

High-quality phone and cable services are widely available in Carmel, Indiana. Brighthouse covers the entire Carmel area, but AT&T does not cover all parts of the city. Get confirmation before you try to arrange service hookup.

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