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Welcome To The Crossroads Of America

Welcome To The Crossroads Of America

Whether you’re moving to Indiana from another state or moving from one community to another within Indiana, Busy Bee Movers is here to meet a complete range of your moving needs. With us as your moving partners, you’ll be able to rest easy and stay confident that your move will be handled quickly and professionally.

Indiana Movers

No matter where in Indiana you’re moving to, we’re here to help. As one of the state’s top moving companies, moving to or within Indiana is a positive experience with minimum hassle. Customer service and the safety of your items is our top concern.

We cover the following areas of Indiana:

Learn more about the community you may be moving to with help from our resource pages. For each city, we provide helpful details like some of the top employers, more about the school systems, and information on local utilities in order to set you up for life in a new community.

Moving Services Offered

We get it. Moving is a huge process, and it can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’re here – to provide a complete array of services and take the worry off your hands and off your mind. From loading and transport to unloading and setup, we let you focus on the big picture and handle the rest. Our services are varied to handle a variety of situations and are customizable based on your needs and budget.

The services we offer include:

1) Packing and Unpacking Items

We pack your belongings in preparation for the move and unpack it all when you reach your new place.

2) Loading and Unloading Items

We make safe loading a priority so that they reach their destination in good condition without wear and tear. For moves to Indianapolis, we also offer unloading and placement of items for your home or office.

3) Item Moves

For delicate items like antiques and artwork, we take the utmost care so that they’ll arrive at a new location totally unscathed.

4) Internal Moves

Not moving a house, just want help moving that piano to another room? We’re able to help with moving large items within your home.

Busy Bee is dedicated to being the best Indiana moving company, meeting your needs and taking care of your possessions. We always remember that it’s not just stuff – it’s your life.

To learn more about moving services, please contact Busy Bee today.