10 Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Regardless of the circumstances, moving under a time crunch can be stressful if you aren’t prepared. We’ve taken the guesswork out so that you have clear guidelines to follow for your move. How can you get everything done in time? Follow these 10 tips. Hire movers. There are many details […] Read more »

Other Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints for Your Indianapolis Move Here are a few more suggestions and comments that may be useful for your next move. Air Conditioners Consult your authorized dealer or service man on your particular model. Some sealed units should be bolted down. Washers and Dryers, Electric or Gas Check with […] Read more »

Packing Tips

Packing Tips to Help Your Move to Indianapolis! If you choose to do you own packing; here are a few tips that will help to avoid any damage to your belongings and keep them secure in transit. Bedding Place bedding in clean cartons. Light articles such as blankets or pillows […] Read more »

Smart Money Moves


Save Money on your Indianapolis Move! To make your move as budget-conscious as possible, look over this list of tips and reminders on how to save time and money throughout your move. Deposits Check with all your utility providers on the return of your deposits. If you have been prompt […] Read more »