10 Places to Find Inexpensive Moving Boxes

Whether it’s a local move or long distance haul to the other end of the country, preparing for a move can be a hassle–and costly if not executed properly. One way to minimize cost is on affordable boxes. Your city is full of places that need your help collecting used boxes, including restaurants and retail stores. And you may find free boxes online or advertised on social media.

Most businesses need your help taking boxes off their hands because many receive packages daily. Ask someone at the front desk or call to see if and when you could pick them up. Also consider:

Liquor stores: boxes don’t always have lids, inspect them first.
Retailers: typically glad to get boxes off their hands.
Alleyways: usually lined with cardboard recycling bins. Of course, ask as a courtesy.
Apartments: office managers might know of tenants who want to get rid of moving boxes.
Bookstores: especially if you are moving a book collection.
Restaurants: boxes are considered strong and perfect for hauling.

You can also check these online resources:

  • Craigslist: check the “free” section. If you don’t have success there, find someone selling boxes and negotiate buying the boxes at a lower price.
  • Freecycle.org: is an environment-friendly, non-profit organization designed to help people find free stuff while saving the environment. Join Freecycle and post that you need moving boxes.
  • U-Haul Personal Connect: allows you to search for free moving boxes near you.
  • Facebook Groups: just post that you’re looking for boxes and wait for the flood of inbox responses. Your friends may have your back!

Now that you know where to find the boxes you need, follow our tips on how to pack your things efficiently. Check out our packing hints. Need to schedule your move? Contact us to get started.