10 Packing Tips for Moving in a Hurry

Regardless of the circumstances, moving under a time crunch can be stressful if you aren’t prepared. We’ve taken the guesswork out so that you have clear guidelines to follow for your move. How can you get everything done in time? Follow these 10 tips.

  1. Hire movers. There are many details involved in a move, and inevitably you will be consumed with the last minute things. Make the process easier by leaving the heavy lifting and specialized packing (furniture, electronics, antiques) to the experts.
  2. Create a to-do list. Make note of everything associated with the move, including:Utility disconnect dates
    • Utility turn on dates at the new place
    • Post office change of address form
    • Note new address when paying bills
    • Leases
    • Moving out responsibilities
    • Moving in date/time
    • Mover estimates, quotes and contract
  3. Source and/or buy boxes. Put the word out to friends, colleagues and local businesses to collect used boxes, but you may have to buy them if you’re in a time crunch. Movers can usually hook you up.
  4. Prioritize a “just in case” box. If anything goes awry and you are forced to stay in your old or new home without your belongings, have a box handy of the things you use in a day, for example: prescriptions, plastic/paper utensils, change of clothes, mobile devices, books or other entertainment.couple packing things into boxes
  5. Keep it consolidated. Tackle one room at a time, so that you can pack and unpack systematically.
  6. Move less stuff. Before placing everything in a box, do a quick assessment: what can you keep, give away or trash?
  7. Take pictures. As a protective measure, take pictures of items before placing them in boxes. If anything is damaged in the move, you have proof of the condition before items were transported.
  8. Color code boxes. Using tape, Sharpies or other markers, give each room a specific color so that you can find things more easily once you move.
  9. Keep clothes in dressers. If it is light enough for the movers, see if you can keep clothes inside and wrap them shut for the transport.
  10. Protect breakables. Newspapers are effective but they take time to gather. Chances are you can save time and kill two birds by wrapping fragile items in t-shirts and other clothing. Both need to be packed and with any luck, you will need fewer boxes.
  11. Mark fragile boxes accordingly. Moving boxes aren’t created equally–some are going to require more care when handling than others. So make it easy for the person carrying them and label fragile items visibly.

The best way to make sure your move goes smoothly is to hire respected movers. Busy Bee has been moving people throughout central Indiana for decades. Contact us for a free quote!