Utilities for Indianapolis, Indiana

Make a smooth move to Indianapolis – signing up for utilities

Getting all your bills and services opened, closed and paid at the right time can be challenging. Fortunately, utility companies in Indianapolis have systems in place to deal with incoming families that can make your move go more smoothly.

Managing Utilities

Moving into a new home in a new city, or even moving across town, can make managing your utilities a real challenge. Fortunately, Indianapolis utility companies handle special requests from moves every day, and they know how to make it simple.

Planning Ahead

It’s important to you the stop and start of utilities carefully. When moving out of your old home, it is generally a good idea to just go ahead and pay for an extra day or two of utility coverage when you sign off your accounts and pay your last bill.

This will help cover things if there is a lag between when you move out your possessions and when the next owner moves in. If you have plans to go back and clean up, or go back to retrieve a forgotten item, you’ll have power on to cover your needs.

Conversely, it is also a good idea, if it is possible, to get your power transferred over to your name as soon as you take possession of the keys to your new house. Make calls to your utility company’s customer service department at least a week in advance to let them know of the planned cut off and turn on dates for each of your utilities.

Also, contact the owner of the home you may be purchasing to ensure everyone understands who is paying for what, and for how long. This is especially important in the wintertime! Nothing kills that “new house” excitement like busted pipes!

Realtors as a Resource

As for which electric, gas and water companies serve your home, the real estate company handling the purchase of the house should provide all that information to you. Just ask, and they can help you get things coordinated with the previous owners. Recycling services are considered part of the garbage pickup at most residences in Indianapolis.

Google It

When it comes to phone and cable, the Internet is a good place to start to find
competitive product and service information about what is available in your area. In most cases, high-speed Internet service is the norm in Indianapolis, and satellite providers, like Dish and DIRECTV, are available anywhere.

Helpful Links

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