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bloomington indianaOrganizing a move to a new city can be a chore– especially coordinating shutting on and off of utilities from one location to the next.

Fortunately, utility companies in Bloomington have systems in place to deal with newcomers that can make your move go more smoothly.

Bloomington is a college town – the home of Indiana University. As a consequence, a significant proportion of its population moves frequently. This community embraces its fast-moving population and makes an effort to make everyone feel welcome.

In fact, the local government has created a “Welcome to Bloomington” page on its website with much of what you will need to get settled in town, from information on bike trails, to signing up for Bloomington utilities, to joining a neighborhood association.

With all the tasks that come with organizing your move, it’s easy to let your utility sign ups wait until the last minute. But to ensure you have the service you need on the day you need it, it is best to call your utilities as soon as you know your move date, even if this is a month in advance. This will give them time to properly notify the billing department and get your shut off day scheduled in the system.

When moving out of your old home, it is generally a good idea to just go ahead and pay for an extra day or two of utility coverage when you sign off your accounts and pay your last bill. This will help cover things if there is a lag between when you move out your possessions and when the next owner moves in. If you have plans to go back and clean up, or go back to retrieve a forgotten item, you’ll have power on to cover your needs.

Conversely, it is also a good idea, if it is possible, to get your power transferred over to your name as soon as you take possession of the keys to your new house. In Bloomington, Duke Energy is the electric provider and Vectren provides natural gas, if your home has gas heat.

In addition to calling these companies, contact the owner of the home you may be purchasing to ensure everyone understands who is paying for what, and for how long. This is especially important in the wintertime! Nothing kills that “new house” excitement like busted pipes!

Trash collection is once a week in Bloomington, and your pickup day will vary based on your address. Recycling services are free, and conveniently offered on the same day as your trash pickup, every other week. For information about what can be recycled and more details about collection and trash violations, visit the city’s trash collection web page.

When it comes to phone and cable, the Internet is a good place to start to find competitive product and service information about what is available in your area. We’ve provided links below to the services that are available in Bloomington. High speed Internet access is easy to find, as well as strong national cellular service/data, and satellite television.

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